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How to access an individual needs and preferences

How to access an individual needs and preferences

Every individual in society has differing values and individuals in care are no different in this. Health and social care values may differ from the values of an individual in the residential care setting for example: the resident might want staff at the care home to wait on them and fetch and carry for them but the care home have a duty of care to enable that individual to be as independent as possible and therefore the individual may be frustrated and believe that they are not getting the care they are paying for. Another example of this is an obese resident wanting more food and believing they are entitled to eat as much as they like, whilst the care staff have a duty of care to that resident to seek help and encourage the resident to cut down on health grounds. Family members will have their own agenda with regard to their relative and they will be blinkered to the needs and values of others.

Religious values will also differ, an individual who is Jewish for instance will have fundamentally different values to a Christian or Muslim and this also holds true with relation to staff and care workers who work with such a diverse population. A Christian member of the team may not be aware that a Muslim would need to fast during daylight hours during Ramadan and that during this time the Muslim individual will have to eat breakfast before dawn and the next meal will be at dusk, something that may not seem important to someone who does not understand could be deeply offensive to another individual. Cultural and religious values would be taken into account when compiling the individual’s care plan and care workers would be made aware of the beliefs of any individual coming in to the care setting.


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How to access an individual needs and preferences
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