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Analyse the Range of Housing and Accommodation Services Available

Analyse the Range of Housing and Accommodation Services Available

 Range of Housing and Accommodation Services AvailableResidential support is mostly provided by Care homes and these have the advantage of providing lodgings, care support, meals and social activities in the homes. Care workers ensure that the residents are safe and looked after. This type of accommodation is mostly for old aged people or disabled people. This came about as a result of a need to provide services and care to people who would not normally be able to look after themselves. The disadvantage to this is that the people being looked after normally are either too frail or have a diminished mental capacity that abuse can take place, types of abuse that have been reported include stealing of property, diverting funds from accounts, sexual abuse and most recently physical abuse as so widely reported in the press of the scandal at Winterbourne View care home in Bristol where residents were systematically abused, degraded and left unattended, all of which was caught on camera.Supported lodgings which provide a room within a family home. This is geared more for young people or people who had been long term in care, hospital or prison. There can be supported lodgings provided by organisations such as the YMCA. The advantage is the stability of a family unit when possible; the disadvantage might be that some types of supported lodgings tend to foster drug and alcohol abuse.Housing associations are non-profit making organisations that provide low-cost housing to those that may need support. An advantage to this is the low cost of rent and some housing associations provide a shared ownership for those that may not be able to buy houses. A criticism in the past has been that the quality of homes provided was of low quality and that some housing associations tended to group the not so well off together and providing an atmosphere for crime, delinquency and a ‘ghetto’ attitude.Estate agents are private ‘for profit’ organisations that match suppliers of accommodation with those that are in need of accommodation. Though for profit, the services they provide are essential in that professional people who know about the values of properties are employed. The disadvantage is of course they need to make a profit and sometimes put profit before quality service.Hostels provide low cost accommodation in the form of a bed and a shared bathroom. Hostels are usually very cheap but there is the issue of privacy and security. Though some hostels provide lockers these too are open to vandalism and theft. Some hostels provide same sex dormitories whilst some are mixed. They are not ideal for families or those with young children or for the frail.Supported housing has the advantage of providing low cost accommodation especially for those who are most vulnerable due to homelessness, disease, age or mental handicaps. It also provides social services as well as rehabilitation services such as educational programs.Floating support which provides services of support and care in residents own homes. An advantage is it provides a level of independence for the person being cared for and may include anyone classed as vulnerable including the elderly and mental health sufferers

Analyse the Range of Housing and Accommodation Services Available

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