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How to Challenging discrimination and other forms of inequality and injustice in care



This is done through following the policies and procedures of the home and current regulations and legislation. Training also plays a major part and the Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults courses are of real benefit to both staff and individuals within the care home.

Challenging such behaviour is vitally important. If a member of the care team or individual has cause to challenge either, discrimination, racism, disadvantage or any other form of equality they in the first instance would report it to their immediate senior or the manager who would launch an investigation. I myself am vigilant with regard to this and would not hesitate to report any incidence to the relevant authority or outside agency if necessary.

 This is a fundamental requirement that is central to providing the appropriate level of care to individuals. Care staff must be aware that when deciding what care is needed, from whom and why, that all relevant parties are involved and all information gathered is used to benefit the individual thus promoting person centred care. This ensures that all involved have an up-to-date knowledge of the individual and a holistic approach remains best practice.




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