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Changes required to improve the quality of individual participation


Explain the changes required to improve the quality of an individual’s participation to promote independence, informed choice and a valued life

Changes required to improve the quality of  individual participationWorking from a person-centred approach, asking and identifying individual needs and strengths and weaknesses rather than going according to a manual. I would then identify their interests. Once their interests are identified it would be wise to find out from them the preferred days and times they like to do the activities. Recently I worked with someone who had a problem with services because they felt he was not committed enough as he seemed disinterested and seemed to miss almost all his appointments. What they failed to ask, which I did was what times best suited him. They gave him appointment times which were always very early in the day or very late in the afternoon. In our initial discussions I found out they had a problem waking up early because they stayed up late and that the reasons they missed their late afternoon appointments was because they felt the day had gone by and were not fully attentive then. Having gained this knowledge, we then set about having appointments arranged late morning or early afternoon. Once this was in place, they began to attend almost every appointment. The second thing I came out with this experience was that they had felt up until that point as not valued in the least and that to the service providers they were just a nutcase and not an individual with values and beliefs, and they had felt that if someone had taken to listen to them just a minute then they would have been willing to engage in the services.Having a set target and goals to achieve was very helpful to them because they felt through the SMART objectives they could eventually achieve their aims and it gave them a driving force. The goals were manageable and in stages and for every stage passed we went back and looked at it as an achievement in its own right which greatly boosted their self-confidence. In the end they ended up leading the plan and felt more confident in making informed choices, something they struggled with at the beginning. They felt listened to and valued which made them feel better about themselves and their last words to me at the end of our working relationship were


Changes required to improve the quality of  individual participation


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