Describe how accessing a range of services and facilities can be beneficial to an individual’s wellbeing


An individual’s well-being may benefit  in a number of ways through the accessing of a range of services and facilities, these may include a benefit to their physical well-being, when they can easily and encouraged to access facilities such as leisure centres to exercise. And sometimes this can improve their physical stamina in dealing with some of their physical limitations. Also access to libraries and resource centres may encourage the individual to have a more positive outlook on their circumstances therefore encouraging the promotion of mental well-being, this is evident with people who may have a balanced mental well-being and face a crisis, they would be more resilient and resourceful in dealing with the crisis rather than someone who may not normally suffer from a mental illness who may find they do not have a balanced mental well-being and may find it difficult to overcome the same crisis.Having an access to places such as day centres and community events also promotes the social well-being of the individual as humans are naturally social animals and interactions promotes our sense of self-worth and belonging, therefore, encouraging confidence and independence and also a knowledge that there are people out there who can and are willing to help. When the individual is made aware that they have a wide range of choices of services and facilities, say, in their road to recovery such as the forms of treatments available they feel empowered when they are encouraged to explore the types of treatments they want, for example someone may be intimidated by the aloof, rigid and intense forms of psychoanalysis but if they are given options, where possible, bearing in mind their capacity, if they can instead engage more in Cognitive Behavioural therapies or Person Centred Approaches, they would feel they have a right to choice and emboldened too.


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