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Describe how own values,belief systems and experiences may affect working practice.

Describe how own values, belief systems and experiences may affect working practice. Answer:It is true that person’s own beliefs and experiences could affect working practice or affect my role a healthcare worker. However, as a professional health care worker, it is part of my responsibilities to treat all service users equality and never allow my personal beliefs affect my role. This is not acceptable in the healthcare practice and would be against the standard codes of practice, and organisational policies. Take for example giving preferential treatment to a service user because I like them more than others, treating a client’ differently because we have the same or different religion, different values as regards personal hygiene, different sexual orientation. Furthermore, treating a service user badly because in the past I have had bad experience with perhaps people of such colour, race or people of his/her personalities is against the practice. The Human Rights Act 1998, The Race Relations Act 1976 amended 2000, The Sex Discrimination Act 1975, Equal Opportunities Act 2004 and the Equality Act of 2010 are all legislations that relate to equality and diversity in my own practice. These acts are about meeting and respecting the individual needs of learners.As a health care worker it is my responsibly to strictly adhere and follow these guidelines .This ensure that all clients are treated equally irrespective of their colour ,age, disability , gender ,religion and belief and ,sexual orientation.It is my duties to offer a non-judgmental, non-bias service because of individual client beliefs.


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