Describe the duties and responsibilities of own work role


Describe the duties and responsibilities of own work role:As a health care worker it is my responsibility to ensure that the welfare and safety of service users are always meet, by following the care plan provided for them. It is also my responsibility to follow the GSCC codes of practice in work practice, and ensure that I continue to update my training requirements, follow the current standards of work practices, and techniques. It is also my responsibility to build trust with service users, clients, and colleagues and   ensure I follow confidentiality policies.It is also my responsibility to abide by  my employer policies and procedures at all timesMy current role consist of the following duties: Personal care, recording information, supporting clients with shopping. I take a service user to school in the morning and bring him back home. I also help the bathing and cleaning of elderly people. Below are some of my role as detailed in my job description.

  • To participate in the day-to-day operation of the service provided in accordance with organizational guidelines and objectives.•
  • To maintain effective communication and liaison with service users, families and other whilst respecting appropriate confidentiality•
  • To promote the welfare, safety, promote the welfare, safety, personal development and wellbeing of young people•
  • To ensure that the physical, emotional and psychological needs of the residents  are met where at all possible•
  • To provide young people with information and advice where appropriate or to help them seek advice from appropriate sources.
  • • To maintain accurate notes and records  as and when required•
  • To work as part of a team to provide high quality care




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