Describe your roles,responsibilities and relationships in the lifelong learning sector



Describe your roles, responsibilities and relationships in the lifelong learning sector

According to Gravells, (2012:18) , the primary role of an assessor is to help learners achieve their chosen programme . She went further to explain that this can be achieved by using various teaching and learning methods whilst taking into account learners individual needs.

As a health and social care Assessor, to be able to assess learners very well, I will carry out an initial assessment with them. During the initial meeting, I will try to identify each student needs. There are several ways I can do this; I will give them application forms and paper questionnaires to complete. In the form, I will ask questions that might help me spot out individual needs such as, Dyslexia, English language needs, study skills, computer skills and any particular audio needs.  If the questionnaire does not suit a leaner, I will review the method used by my organization and adapt it to suit the leaner. For students who have computer assess and are capable of using a computer I will ask them to complete an online questionnaire at to know if learner are visual, aural, read/write or kinesthetic (VARK).

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