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Evaluate how learning activities have affected practice

Evaluate how learning activities have affected practiceAnswer: Recently I was asked to attend a course on confidentiality by my employer. The covered areas such as confidentiality policies and when to seek help for confidentiality matters. The aim of the course was to enhance and update staff knowledge on the intricacies of confidentiality and when to break confidentiality .This course was very interesting, and learned new things that I was not aware of. I hoped that I would not encounter any suspected case of abuse, but if I did, I was now informed of the actions to take. Not long after the course, a service user confided in me and told me a staff has abused t him and he would want me not to report it and if I could keep it secret from anyone. From what I was taught in the course that confidentiality should be broken when there is possibility of danger to the service user, staff or member of the public.  I had to re-assure the service user that there is help for him but I can’t assure him that I would keep it secret and that I would have to inform other members so we can help. He felt satisfied and the matter was finally resolved by my manger. The course was applied to this matter and it helped me assisted the service user.The training course informed my knowledge of what to do in the event of abuse, and therefore was well worth attending, as I now feel confident that I am following correct procedures in such events.


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