Explain how to ensure individuals’ rights and preferences are promoted when accessing and using services and facilities


The best way to do so is to listen to individuals’ concerns as each one may have a totally different and genuine need.  Some cultures are uneasy when it comes to getting help from members of the opposite sex, some men may find it demeaning getting help from someone who is of the opposite sex and at times some women come from a culture where talking to a member of the opposite sex is not encouraged and can only be facilitated if the woman is accompanied by a male relative or her husband. Everyone has a right to treatment in this country and promoting individual rights to services and also the right to challenge decisions. Also encouraging the individual to follow their care plan as it would have been made mostly with their input but also respecting the individual’s right to have a change of mind in terms of their care plan. It would also be beneficial in encouraging friends, family, other users of facilities and services to listen to the individual because everyone has a right to voice their concerns and have their voice heard



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