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HSC214 Help individuals to Eat and Drink


DK7M 04 (HSC214)  Help individuals to Eat and Drink

Interaction between car workers and Individuals whilst they are eating and drinking will put the service user at ease and make these times more relaxed and pleasurable. The key worker would be in a position to offer help to the Individual if help is needed and gain extra insight into the Individuals likes, dislikes and preferences. Making mealtimes a social occasion enables the staff to interact with Individuals and therefore are more likely to notice anything out of the ordinary with regards to their general wellbeing. Any unexpected reactions to food or drink would be immediately reported to the senior carer or manager who would summon medical assistance. Ensuring that the relevant information is provided and entered into the Individuals care plan and that the incident is recorded on the relevant forms and accident/incident book would be necessary.


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