Identify and agree any changes needed to improve the experience and outcomes of accessing and using services or facilities


Identify and agree any changes needed to improve the experience and outcomes of accessing and using services or facilities:There is a need to change how the questions are put across in most of the Department of Works and Pensions literature. To start off, the information which they give to people about services and facilities is incomplete, not well researched or too difficult even for those that are well versed in English. The forms sometimes have faint typing that even for someone with good eyesight there is a problem reading. They are also too long and can be frustrating when you have to interpret every word and also having to write out the answers.They should make the information in plain English and with better quality paper.The DWP can also manage to delete repeat questions and unnecessarily complicated questions therefore making the forms more user-friendly and less time consuming.The DWP has come into fierce criticism of the way they have delegated the medicals to ATOS which through my experience with service users does not take in to account some of the complex needs of people with mental issues and seems more willing to write off quite a lot of genuine cases in favour of a high ‘Fail’ rate which would look good on government policy as they aim to get as many people off benefits yet ignoring the genuine people suffering. Instead they need to have speciality doctors who deal mainly in those user-specific fields, so in this case a psychiatrist or psychologist rather than a general medical doctor. Twice clients have been failed because they were seen by a nurse rather than a doctor.Though most public buildings are now wheelchair user friendly, I still feel the need to have easier access for those who are either arthritic, limbless or find it difficult to turn door knobs. It may be asking for too much but there are obvious places where this could be put in place, not necessarily every door but the obvious places such as general entrances where automated doors, revolving doors or operator-assisted doors can be put in place. Same goes with disabled toilets where I have seen the struggle to get in through the door for a wheelchair user can be both stressing and embarrassing.



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