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How to Support individuals to meet Personal care needs


support individuals to meet personal care needsHow to Support individuals to meet Personal care needs unit applies to people who work directly with individuals to support washing,dressing and going to the toilet

It is very important that Individuals have the means to call for help when it is required. If the Individual is in need of assistance it could be at best, annoying that they can’t get help to put on their tights and at worse that they have fallen and may not be discovered for some time. It’s also helpful to know that help is only a tug on a cord away, helping the Individual be a little more independent.

The Individuals input/output would need to be recorded in order to maintain a record of how well the body is functioning and maintaining itself. A record of fluids taken and urine passed may be needed in order to monitor certain medical conditions. This would be recorded on a fluid balance chart with both input and output measured and recorded in millilitres. The nature of the urine colour/smell etc, may also need to be recorded. Faeces, vomit and blood loss may also be recorded, faeces being the more common in a residential care setting, bowel movements are recorded in the daily care plan which can provide an indication of the general health of an Individual, i.e. Mrs P may have been given medication to help with constipation and develops loose stools, requiring the medication to be stopped or changed.


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