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Support Individuals to Meet Personal Care Needs

Support Individuals to Meet Personal Care Needs

Support Individuals to Meet Personal Care NeedsSupport individuals to go to the toilet

Toileting would require staff to wash their hands and put on gloves and apron. Encouraging the Individual to wash their hands also before and after using toilet facilities promotes good hygiene and eliminates the risks of faecal/oral contamination. Staff would also wash their own hands again after removing and disposing of the gloves and apron.

 Enable individuals to maintain their personal hygiene

Whilst supporting people with personal care, we make sure the Individuals dignity and privacy is observed and preserved. These policies are based on the National Minimum Standards for Older People act 2000.My responsibilities and duties include supporting the individual with every aspect of their personal care, whilst upholding the Individuals wishes, dignity and privacy and working within the guidelines and policies of  my organisation.

My own personal hygiene preferences include a bath or shower daily and a wash in the morning and/or bedtime depending on the time of the bath/shower. I wash my hair every other day and consider myself fastidious with regards to hand washing which I tend to do before and after almost every activity.

A practicing Hindu would usually only wash in running water and would shower or bathe daily. Many eat with their fingers and therefore must ensure that their hands are kept scrupulously clean. A Hindu would use a bidet if one was made available and a jug of water, when no bidet is available. Personal hygiene has many ritual practices and are observed by both men and women.

My own personal preferences and beliefs would have no bearing with regards to the personal hygiene of the Individual service user. The wishes of the Individual are to be respected and carried out, providing that they are deemed appropriate and observe current policies and procedures.
Support individuals in personal grooming and dressing


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