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Why is Reflective Practice and CPD Valuable

Why is Reflective Practice and CPD  Valuable

Why is Reflective Practice and CPD  ValuableAccording to (Gravells, 2012) self-evaluation is a good way of reflecting upon one’s practice to ensure one is carrying out a role very well. She went further to state that when evaluating ones role, it is vital to consider how one’s actions have imparted on others and what would have to be done to improve the situation

Reflection practices is useful as it helps the learner to look at the task done and think back on what has been achieved and what could have been done to improve the work. It also motivates the learner to strive more in subsequent tasks.

Continuing Professional Development is useful to the development of the assessor, the learner and the organisation/centre. Part of the responsibility of the assessor is to continue to participate in CPD to improve his/her knowledge so as to be current with the latest trends/events in the organisations.

Assessors can achieved this by:

  • Attending training courses
  • Participating in conferences
  • Attending standardisation meetings
  • Job shadowing
  • Reading journals and research
  • Trade events and Shows

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