Describe Person-Centred ways of Administering Medicines whilst adhering to Administration


Describe person-centred ways of administering medicines whilst adhering to administration

Support Individuals to Meet Personal Care NeedsPerson-centred care is putting the person at the center of their own care.Taking the person wishes into consideration so that the person is treated just as they want to be treated. This also applies to medication administration. Some patients may want to administer all their medication themselves. If that is their wish then provision will be made in their room for the secure storage of their medication.

Some patient may just want to administer some of their medication such as administering only tablets medications and getting assistance for liquid medications. Others may just want to be prompted to take their medication before they can administer it themselves. The level of support will vary and assessment would have to be made to identify those who can administer their own medication and those that may need a degree of help. It is thus important that patient are given the opportunity to plan their own medication administration if the can before staff direct intervention

It is however important to note that Person-centred care does not mean abandoning the person. Obviously, there is bound to be risk associated with dementia patient care, and as a result certain form of risk assessment will be needed to minimise fears and risk of accident from self medication administration. Risk for dementia patient must be weighted against individual choice and control.



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